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Rock Region METRO is looking to hire more drivers



Little Rock, Arkansas – A lot of people in Arkansas are looking for other ways to get where they need to go, as gas prices continue to rise.

In the last couple of months, Rock Region METRO has already seen a 15% increase in the number of riders. They expect that to grow exponentially as the price of gas continues to go up.

Rock Region METRO is looking to hire more drivers, as they prepare for more riders. They are currently offering a $5,000 hiring bonus for people who have their Commercial Driver’s License.

While Rock Region METRO has yearly contracts with their fuel providers, the diesel contract is up at the end of the month.

“Instead of locking in these high rates for the next year, what we want to do is negotiate on a shorter-term basis so maybe day to day or month to month until we see those prices come down,” Rock Region METRO Director of Public Engagement Becca Green said.

According to Green, this will not have an immediate impact on rates for riders. Right now, it costs $36 for a 31-day pass.