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Saracen Casino prepares for the Sweet 16 match between Arkansas and UConn



Arkansas – Thursday’s basketball game between the University of Connecticut and the University of Arkansas in Las Vegas is expected to draw a sizable crowd, according to Saracen Casino.

Neal Atkinson, director of table games & sports book, claimed that a large number of customers were placing wagers both online and through the BetSaracen mobile app, which was launched last year.

“Just today we received the revenue reporting the state of Arkansas and combined, Saracen is contributing almost 1.9 million from taxes in February and 125 thousand of that is from sports betting,” Atkinson said.

In addition to the enjoyment and thrill of the games, Atkinson claimed that the state, Jefferson County, and Pine Bluff profit from the money generated by their sports betting app.

“The tax on sports betting is the exact same tax it is on the casino revenue,” Atkinson said. “By statute, it’s 13% and once it goes over a certain threshold, it goes to 20 percent.”

According to Atkinson, their app now has a new feature.

“Flash bets is what they call micro betting where you can bet on the outcome of each individual possession or the players next door and type that it’s going to be,” Atkinson said. “It’s where you can engage with the game on a play-by-play basis and have a little fun and possibly make a little money off of it.”

Casino patron and Razorback supporter Vincent Campbell said he has been betting on sports for the past 20 years and is betting on the Razorbacks to win.

“UConn is not going to stand a chance,” Campbell said. “I’m placing my bets on the money line. I betting Arkansas straight out to win.”