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Sarah Sanders, the incoming governor, declares her intention to nominate Judge Joseph Wood



Little Rock, Arkansas – Washington County Judge Joseph Wood has been proposed by the incoming governor-elect Sarah Sanders to serve as the department’s secretary. This announcement was made on Friday.

Wood, according to Sanders, is as enthusiastic about reducing government size as she is.

“Judge Wood shares my enthusiasm for shrinking the size and scope of government by identifying efficiencies and bold reforms to reduce budgets, saving money, and providing better services to the hardworking men and women of Arkansas,” said Sanders. “The leadership and work he has done in one of our largest counties to ensure government performs better make him a natural choice to serve as Secretary of the Department of Transformation and Shared Services in my administration.”

In his statement, Wood claimed that he is open about his desire to work for the state of Arkansas.

“I am not shy about my desire to serve the state of Arkansas and to help make it a place where businesses grow, families move to, and the government stays out of the way,” said Wood. “That’s exactly what we have done in Washington County during my tenure as County Judge, and I am humbled by the confidence Governor-elect Sanders has in me to ask that I take on this critical work. Citizens expect their government to work for them and that’s exactly what we are going to make happen.”

Washington County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the country, according to Sanders’ news release, and Wood has just finished his second term as its judge.

He was able to improve county structures, roads, and bridges. He also established a crisis stabilization unit, presided over the quorum court, managed budgets, improved overall county government operations, and oversaw 3,100 counties nationwide as the chair of the National Association of Counties’ committee on community economic and workforce development.

He also participated in the National Association of Counties’ Advisory Committee, Broadband Task Force, and Veterans and Military Committee.

He headed Walmart’s international recruitment before entering the government.

Wood has also taken a leadership role in his neighborhood.