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Several Dollar General stores in Ohio have been overcharging customers, clients disappointed



Dollar General is one of the most popular stores in America when it comes to cheap and affordable shopping. Dollar General stores offer different kinds of merchandise, including consumable items, seasonal items, home products, and apparel. The company offers products from well-established brands, but it also offers products from its own brands, which are usually cheaper and more affordable to buy.

Dollar General has been around for decades and is one of the best-known discount retailers. The company becomes especially popular in difficult times when people are trying to save on purchasing goods, and Dollar General is one of the best alternatives to the largest supermarket chains. With the growing inflation and skyrocketing prices in recent months, the company’s stores nationwide are seeing an influx of new customers.

In September, Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos said that a growing number of middle-income and wealthier customers are becoming their regular customers in an effort to save on daily purchases. “The highest trade-in that we’ve seen and the most robust has actually been between the $75,000 and $100,000 group,” Vasos said in September. This trend is expected to continue in the upcoming period as we approach the holiday season and customers will continue to look for ways to save on gits, shopping and partying.

While Dollar General is becoming increasingly popular among Americans in an effort to save on shopping, a recent problem that occurred in several stores in Ohio has left their customers furious and disappointed. According to multiple reports, customers at two dozen stores in Butler County, Ohio, had to pay more for products at checkout compared to the prices that were listed on shelves.

One of the many furious customers had sent a letter to the Butler County Auditor Office, which started an investigation into the incident in mid-October. The price-verification investigation has found out that at least twenty Dollar General stores in the county were overcharging customers, Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds informed the public a few days ago.

Mistakes happen, and stores are actually allowed to have a price difference of up to 2%.In the case of Dollar General stores in Ohio, however, some products showed an 88 percent difference, implying that customers paid nearly double at the checkout compared to the advertised price on the shelves.

“This is a serious problem,” Reynolds said. “A customer could be charged substantially more than the listed shelf price and that amounts to a form of consumer fraud. During these inflationary times, people turn to stores like these to get some bargains. Instead, in too many instances they are being over charged,” Reynolds continued.

This is a list of some of the products that had different check-out and shelf prices:

  • Nestle Coffee Mate creamer had a shelf price of $2 but scanned at $4.35.
  • Hefty solo cups had a shelf price of $4.25 but scanned at $5.95.
  • Perdue Chicken Strips had a shelf price of $7.95 but scanned at $10.75.
  • Pillsbury Grands biscuits had a shelf price of $3 but scanned at $3.75.

Having in mind that a growing number of people are shopping in Dollar General stores now more than ever, this “price error” incident comes as a huge disappointment for many existing and potentially new customers. Per the Dollar General price policy, all advertised prices on the shelves are final, and prices can’t be changed at the register. Some Dollar General stores, including one in Butler County, even have signs about this policy posted on their entrances.

Some Dollar General stores nationwide have had similar problems in the past. We advise our readers to be very careful when shopping and to let us know if they see something similar.