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Slight decrease in new Covid-19 cases, but numbers still high, daily Covid-19 report



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – The number of new Covid-19 cases slightly decreased in the latest Covid-19 report, but the number of positive cases still remains high.

According to Thursday’s daily Covid-19 report issued by the Arkansas Department of Health, 980 new cases were reported positive and four additional deaths.

The number of active cases has increased by 275 now reaching 9,079.

The number of hospitalized people as a result of the virus is 669 which is increase of 22 compared to previous day. A worrying number is the number of people on ventilators which is now 119, 16 more compared to previous day.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson once again urge Arkansans to get vaccinated, this is what he said on Twitter:

Today’s dip in the number of new cases and hospitalizations is good news, but the numbers remain unacceptably high. The only acceptable number is zero, but we don’t get there until we get vaccinations into the arms of more Arkansans — many more.