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“Stop it before it happens” Little Rock FBI office warns businesses, individuals of targeted ransomware attacks



Little Rock, Arkansas – The FBI office in Little Rock warns small businesses and individuals that many of them in Little Rock have been targeted by hackers and they are concerned about ransomware. Ransomware attacks are pretty popular lately by hackers and they don’t only target big corporations, but also small businesses and individuals.

“The best thing to do to counter a ransomware attack is to stop it before it happens!”, this is what Jason Van Goor is the assistant special agent in charge of National Security at the FBI of Little Rock said. FBI now tries to inform as many businesses as possible about these attacks.

All in all, ransomware attack is software that can attack your computer.

“And when it does, it locks everything up,” he said. “It encrypts it so you can’t access the computer anymore. You can’t access your systems. In some cases, if you’re a business, your backups are not offline it can even lock up your backups.”

It can happen to everyone just with clicking a wrong link. Hackers ask for money before they unlock your computer.

“We like to say, ‘think before you link,’” he said. “If you get an email with a link in it, don’t click that link unless you’re expecting that email and you know it’s legitimate.”

Two-factor authentication and strong password is the best way to fight these attacks. But ransomware is very common and extremely effective.

“We’re very concerned when this starts happening to critical infrastructure as we’ve seen recently in the news,” he said. “Governments, police, fire, hospitals–bad actors will target these facilities because they know it’s very important, very critical, and people are more willing to pay.”

What is even more important, FBI asks everyone to avoid to pay the hackers if they are under attack. This way everyone prevents hackers to attack more in the future.