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Strange ‘cube-shaped’ object found on the dark side of the moon. ongoing investigation



An Internet photo of the mysterious object seen by China’s Utah-2 rover on the dark side of the moon has gone viral.

Also, everything that is mysterious, and that is not published immediately and easily, and refers to space, fascinates the world.

On January 6, a Chinese lunar robot vehicle, Utah-2, was called in to investigate the puzzle, a cube object on the invisible side of the moon that was described in the media as a “mysterious hut.”

The media covering the Chinese space program reported that the team of “Utah-2” located an object, after which they reviewed a series of photos taken with the rover.

The strange object was spotted on the horizon, next to the relevant “young” crater and at a distance of about 80 meters from the rover.

Regardless of the scenarios that were published, the reality is a little different.

The Chinese rover finally got close enough to explore the strangely shaped object.

The photos of the gray cube-shaped object on the moon were published by the “Our Space” channel affiliated with the Chinese National Space Agency (CNSA). The photo was taken by “Utah-2” while passing the large crater Von Karman.

It was then announced that the rover would take up to three months to reach the facility. The truth was finally revealed when “Our Space” published a close-up of what turned out to be an ordinary rock on the edge of the crater.

However, the rock had a strange shape, the scientists said, adding that the team that controlled the rover from Earth called it a “jade rabbit”.