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Student blood donation helps save lives



Wynne, Arkansas – Future medical professionals and the American Red Cross held a blood drive at Wynne Primary School on Thursday.

Blood donations were accepted from the public and high school students by members of Health Occupations Students of America, an organization that mentors young men and women interested in pursuing careers in healthcare.

The 39 units of blood that HOSA members were able to gather will be used to save lives.
The senior Wynne High School event coordinator said she is deeply touched to be a part of the blood donation.

“It’s a really good feeling,” said HOSA Event Coordinator and Wynne High School Senior Cate Cathey.

Knowing that the blood would go on to save many lives was an emotional event, according to a Wynne sophomore who is also a member of HOSA.

“Like it’s emotional, this blood is going to go to like, we don’t know where, anywhere, and it’s going to save a bunch of lives,” said the member.

Although this was the last blood drive of the academic year, HOSA members intend to return for further life-saving and donation opportunities in the summer.

One farmer in the area said that donating blood is really important to him.

His mother passed away from cancer, and throughout her treatment, she needed numerous blood transfusions.

“Before my mom passed away from cancer you know she had to have a lot of blood transfusions and you know this kind of my way of giving back,” said Wynne farmer Evan Byrd.

According to Byrd, giving blood is how he gives back.

He also gives blood to NICU newborns to save their lives.


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