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Students can get a new haircut for prom night at the barbershops in Wynne



Little Rock, Arkansas – Students are getting ready for prom less than a month after a catastrophic tornado destroyed parts of Wynne, including the high school.

After their hometown was destroyed, many had little interest in going to prom.

People from the local community still want to give those students a night to remember.

“Kind of just wanted to uplift in a way, just doing haircuts,” said Eddie Martinez, a barber at Caribbean Cuts in Jonesboro.

Just in time for prom night, many barbers opened up shop in Wynne to give kids a brand-new appearance.

On Friday, Wynne’s Gentle Touch Salon and Spa was packed with the buzz of clippers as Jonesboro barbers provided free haircuts.

“As soon as I got here, me and the team we had got here, and immediately kids from Wynne started pouring in,” said Martinez.

Three weeks have passed after a fatal EF3 tornado demolished Wynne, and seniors are getting ready for prom.

“Sometimes they don’t even come for the haircut. They come to get a good conversation. What should I do about this,” said Sherman Pfeifer, a barber at Blade Runner barbershop in Jonesboro.

Therefore, the community came together in a number of ways to lessen the stress and financial strain associated with prom.

Some offered free shuttle rides, prom outfits, manicure services, and other amenities.

With the assistance of the salon owner Tiaudrey Burgess, the barbers set up business in Wynne for the day rather than in Jonesboro.

Barbers had posted on social media about wanting to help but needing a place to set up shop in order to cut hair.

“I felt like by providing that space because a lot of seniors went without so the most, I could do was pretty much get someone in here to provide free services to the seniors,” she said.

These haircuts represented more than simply a fresh prom looks for the seniors.

“A haircut can do a lot for a person, so I’m just hoping everyone that comes in today can be in a better mood than they were yesterday,” said Martinez.

It’s about the neighborhood remaining united.

“I always knew I would give back, but I didn’t know how. So, cutting hair, seeing people smile, building their confidence, that’s always a good thing,” said Pfeifer.