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Study asserts for taxpayer return on investment, Arkansas comes in at number 47



Little Rock, Arkansas – According to a newly published report, Arkansas’s value to its inhabitants is low relative to the amount of tax revenue it collects.

According to WalletHub, a personal finance website, Arkansas is ranked 47th out of the 50 states in terms of taxpayer return on investment.

In order to calculate the study’s final score, 29 criteria were measured, including those for the economy, health, safety, infrastructure, and pollution.

Arkansas came in at number 33 for taxes paid per person but at number 44 overall for government services. This position was achieved despite reasonably high scores in the areas of infrastructure, education, and pollution.

The score began to decline with the economy, which received a 38 out of 50, followed by a dismal performance in health (41), and safety (nearly at the bottom, at 49).

With Arkansas tied with Louisiana, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Alaska for having the highest violent crime per capita, the safety score shows a tie at the bottom of the list for violent crime rates.

According to the report, New Hampshire and Florida both had the highest taxpayer returns on investment. California came in the bottom with a taxpayer ROI score of 50, followed closely by Hawaii at 49.