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Suspect admitted that he abused, beat and killed his 3-month-old children before stabbing his wife more than 25 times until she died, scheduled to plead guilty



“Family comes first” is the quote many people use in their lives but not all of them actually mean it. Those who actually mean it and live their lives by that “code”, are prepared to give their loved ones the world, and the other ones, for unknown reasons, sometimes do harrowing things to their family.

Police is responding daily to many reports of domestic violence or disturbance, in fact, between 960,000 and 3,000,000 cases of domestic disturbance are reported every year while many of them remain unreported. Authorities believe that in the U.S., more than 10,000,000 people are victims of domestic violence every year.

Such an incident of domestic disturbance happened in Virginia and the father is awaiting for his trial after being accused of murdering his two kids and his girlfriend.

The 26-year-old D. Warren, who also has previous criminal record, is charged on three counts of second-degree murder for murdering the 22-year-old E. Andrews, the 3-month-old D. Warren and the 3-month-old E. Warren.

Officers responded to the Warren’s apartment after neighbors reported a domestic disturbance on December 29th. Upon arrival, officers found the unresponsive bodies of the 22-year-old E. Andrews and the 3-month-old D. Warren laying on the floor in the living room. EMS pronounced them dead on the scene.

According to the medical examination report, the mother was stabbed more than 25 times and the son was suffocated. The report also shows that both of them were beaten and their deaths have been ruled as homicides.

Additionally the report shows that the baby had bruising and scars all over his body, fractures on his arm and ribs, and all of them were in a different stage of healing which shows that the 3-month-old baby, D. Warren, had been beaten several times.

Investigators started to dig a little deeper and found that Warren and Andrews also had a daughter who died one year before under suspicious circumstances, and was at the same age like her brother when she died. At that time E. Warren’s death was ruled as undetermined and no charges have been filed.

But, the examination report now shows that E. Warren had similar findings like her brother D. Warren, and charges have been filed against her father, D. Warren, in connection to her death also.

According to court documents, D. Warren confessed murdering his family and told investigators he regrets for what he did.

Neighbors said they wish death penalty was still an option in Virginia because people like D. Warren do not deserve to live.

The judge in this case scheduled court hearing mid-October when the suspect is expected to enter guilty plea.