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Little Rock, Arkansas – The Riverdale neighborhood headquarters of the Little Rock-based software company Apptegy had a news conference on Friday to announce intentions to generate 300 new jobs over the ensuing years.

For school districts, Apptegy offers websites and mobile apps. The company already has close to 400 full-time employees, so the anticipated hire would increase that number to almost 700.

Roles in sales, software engineering, and client experience are anticipated to be among the new posts.
The founder and CEO of Apptegy, 44-year-old Jeston George, predicted that as the company expands its product line, the number of employees may eventually surpass 1,000.

“The momentum right now for us is awesome and we’re not slowing down,” he assured the audience.

According to George, the company is getting ready to manufacture its third and fourth goods. He predicted that “the scale and the rate at which we’re growing is about to accelerate, and we’re so happy and proud that we get to share this with the Little Rock community.”

“This is an incredible Arkansas story of growth, of entrepreneurship, of investing, of taking a risk and getting a reward for it,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson said of Apptegy’s growth as a startup business.

Hutchinson intimated that Friday’s ceremony would be the final jobs announcement for him as governor and for Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston. Hutchinson is scheduled to leave office on Tuesday when Gov.-elect Sarah Huckabee Sanders is sworn in. Sanders has stated that she intends to put Hugh McDonald up for the Cabinet position.

When he took office in 2015, Hutchinson “wanted to be the jobs governor, but to be the jobs governor, you’ve got to invest in education,” he said Friday.

He mentioned the initiatives his government has taken to increase the state’s computer science curriculum.

According to a press release, Apptegy was the Little Rock Technology Park’s first tenant when it was established in 2013 and officially “opened” in 2015.

The business states that it collaborates with two institutions abroad and more than 3,000 school districts in the United States.

According to a news release, Apptegy “plans to increase its footprint in 2023” and currently has offices in Riverdale that are more than 60,000 square feet in size.

Frank Scott Jr., the mayor of Little Rock, missed the ceremony on Friday because he tested positive for covid-19 earlier this week.

Attendees were informed by Jay Chesshir, president and CEO of the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, that Scott had recently tested negative.

In a written statement included with the news release, Scott said, “Entrepreneurs like Jeston George and success stories like Apptegy are making Little Rock a catalyst for the new South and a premier city for jobs growth. I congratulate Jeston George and the team at Apptegy on their great success in Little Rock.”