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Teachers shortage makes the whole education situation in Arkansas much worse, schools struggle to find teachers for online teaching



Arkansas – Many schools, especially those who offered online teaching, are struggling with teachers since the beginning of the school year.

We reported multiple times that the issue is very serious since some of the schools are not even able to find teachers for in-person teaching.

The situation with the Covid-19 in the past year and a half, made the staffing shortage in school to surface even more.

In just two short years, the teaching landscape has changed so much. Many Arkansas teachers are choosing to teach from home and one Arkansas online academy is looking for more teachers to do the same.

The workday for Melissa Curiel starts like most teachers, but her commute is short, as the gateway to her classroom can be…anywhere.

“You don’t have busy duty or lunch duty, or you know, car line duty,” laughed Melissa Curiel, teacher at Arkansas Connections Academy.

The Arkansas Connections Academy is an online academy and the number of students doubled since the start of the pandemic, something that no one in the academy could have imagine.

“It tells me that parents are starting to see virtual learning as a true and viable option,” Curiel said.

According to her, there are more than 3,000 students in the academy right now and that number could have been even higher if they were able to hire more teachers.

“If they’re having a little bit of hesitation of going back to brick and mortar because of the pandemic and the variant that is now out, it’s an option that they’re seeing is really working for them and their family,” Curiel said.

Just like many other schools across the state, the online school is also looking for Arkansas state-certified teachers.

“We’re looking for teachers all over the state,” Curiel said. “You can work anywhere in the state. They don’t have to work in the northwest Arkansas area.”

Since the problem has been present for some time now, they also welcome teachers without online teaching experience to apply for the open positions and to take their free course for online teaching.

“I mean, it’s different,” Curiel said. “Of course, it’s different. You can’t just pull kids back to your small table if you see they’re struggling.”

The academy has several open positions currently and everyone interested can apply here.