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Texas Senator seeks to regulate online lottery ticket sales after $95 million jackpot win



A group of lucky individuals has recently clinched a massive jackpot of $95 million through Lottery Now, an online platform that offers customers the convenience of procuring lottery tickets over the internet. However, the identities of the winners are shrouded in mystery, leaving everyone guessing who the fortunate few are.

According to sources from the Texas Lottery Commission, the winning ticket was purchased from Hooked-MT Store in Colleyville, a retailer known for its brisk lottery ticket sales. Lottery Now emerged as the top online lottery retailer, with reported retail sales worth over $10.97 million for the April 22 draw. Coming in close as contenders were Luck Zone in Round Rock and in Spicewood.

Lottery Now has an intriguing model, offering a lottery courier service under the name Mido Lotto. This courier service enables Texas residents to place orders for lottery tickets online. Although the orders are fulfilled by licensed retailers, they are not regulated by the state or affiliated with the Texas Lottery Commission. However, this courier service has been met with opposition from Texas state Senator Bob Hall, who is seeking to overturn it with Senate Bill 1820. Senator Hall argues that face-to-face transactions are an essential component of purchasing lottery tickets and that courier services should be prohibited, according to Dallas Press News.

While discussions surrounding administrative procedures and licensing advancements have been ongoing for almost two weeks, the lottery commissioner has clarified that courier services have no business relationship with the Texas Lottery. Time is of the essence for the fortunate jackpot winners as they have 180 days to claim their prize, making the clock tick louder every passing day.