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The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will temporarily restrict access to wildlife management areas



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has announced that beginning in the month of March, they will be temporarily closing all six wildlife management areas.

The closings are being done in conjunction with the Arkansas Feral Hog Task Force in order to stop the proliferation of wild pigs in the state of Arkansas.

The following WMAs are planned to begin operations in the near future:

• March 13-17 — Beryl Anthony Lower Ouachita WMA, Cut-off Creek WMA, and Seven Devils WMA
• March 20-24 — Trusten Holder WMA, George H. Dunklin Jr. Bayou Meto WMA
• March 27-30 — University of Arkansas Pine Tree Wildlife Demonstration Area

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Wildlife Services of the United States Department of Agriculture will conduct aerial operations in certain regions in an effort to reduce the number of wild hog populations there.

When the flights will take place is entirely dependent on how the weather turns out.

Access will be restricted so that the general public can remain safe while the operations are being carried out.

“We hate to close these areas for these operations, but feral hogs threaten both wildlife and agriculture in Arkansas. They destroy habitat, prey on wildlife, and can be linked to disease transmission,” said AGFC Director Austin Booth.

For additional details, please contact the Arkansas APHIS Director Robert Byrd at (501) 835-2318 or the AGFC Feral Hog Coordinator Ryan Farney at (501) 382-3945.