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The Arkansas Senate will vote on a bill that clarifies the state’s laws on residential burglaries



Little Rock, Arkansas – One step closer to becoming law is a bill that would correct a seven-year blunder made by the Arkansas Department of Corrections (DOC).

The DOC claims that a 2015 law that classed home burglary as a violent criminal was “misinterpreted,” leading to this situation.

Recently, nearly 300 prisoners lost their opportunity at parole.

Senator Joshua Bryant submitted a measure on Wednesday that the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced in order to solve the problem.

Bryant claims that one of the two prisoners who were freed from custody and then detained again the following day is his constituent.

“Anybody that has contacted me whether by letter or by phone is looking for empathy or sympathy for the person in their family that committed acts of felony against society,” Bryant said. “What they are looking for the state to honor their word.”

According to Bryant, the law would revive a prisoner’s eligibility for parole rather than immediately award him or her parole.

The entire Senate will now consider the bill.