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The campaign for women in politics and legislative education in Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas – The push for women in politics and Arkansas’s educational system were among the subjects covered on this week’s episode of Capitol View.

The Capitol View host, Roby Brock, began the program by reviewing the major political news stories from the previous week. He made reference to the plan for short-term funding, which, if approved, would prevent a government shutdown. The fight against opioid addiction and the cabinet elections for newly elected Arkansas governor Sarah Sanders were other topics of discussion.

Republican State Senator Breanne Davis joined Brock to discuss education policy in the state after reading the headlines. The education session of the forthcoming state legislature is taking shape. The episode covered a variety of subjects, including funding, school reading development, and teacher pay.

Along with Brock, April Legere, a councilwoman for Rogers, and Stephannie Baker, the executive director of Emerge Arkansas, were present. Democratic women who wish to run for office are the primary focus of Emerge Arkansas.