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The city of Little Rock got new eco-friendly electric car, the mayor took it immediately for test drive



Little Rock, Arkansas – As soon as the eco-friendly electric car arrived at the City of Little Rock offices, the mayor Frank Scott Jr took the car on a test drive on Saturday morning.

The city recognized National Drive Electric Week with the kickoff event at Second Presbyterian Church.

The mayor used to occasion to take a closer look at the latest developments in electric vehicles.

Scott is proud that Little Rock is becoming one of the first cities starting to use electric vehicles for their needs and encourages other cities to join them with doing the same.

“It’s truly about sustainable economies, but also understanding that climate change is real, but also there is a great connection to economic development, and cost savings for municipalities,” Scott says.

According to the reports provided by the officials with the City of Little Rock, the first ever electric car bought by the city is Chevrolet Bolt.

The mayor said that the City of Little Rock will buy more electric cars in the future during the normal replacement cycles.

Two Charge Point charging stations were added to the Fleet Services Maintenance Facility. Two more stations will be added to the maintenance facility at 501 Ferry Street and will open to the public.