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The future is now: Elderly man suffered heart attack, hospital sent the much-needed medication with drone and saved his life



At the beginning of December, a 71-year-old Swede suffered a heart attack while clearing the snow in front of his house, and a much-needed medication was delivered to him by drone, which is considered to be the first such case in the medicine.

Dr. Mustafa Ali was driving to the local hospital when he noticed a man collapsing on his way and immediately realized that something was wrong. He came to his aid and quickly concluded that the man had no pulse. He started resuscitation and asked a passer-by to call an ambulance, “Unilad” reports.

– Only a few minutes later I saw something fly over my head. “It was a drone with a defibrillator,” said the doctor.

The defibrillator arrived from Everdron’s emergency medical airlift service, an innovative link in the rescue chain in the Vстраstra Gтаtaland region of Sweden, just three minutes after calling an ambulance.

But he quickly received therapy, after which the unfortunate man was taken to hospital. Thanks to the doctor and the innovation of the company “Everdron”, the older man survived a heart attack and fully recovered.

– If it weren’t for the drone, I probably wouldn’t be here. This is a truly revolutionary technology that should be applied everywhere. “Anyone can have a sudden heart attack,” he said.

The company that developed this system says that it was established to shorten the response time of emergency services and is continuously improving in cooperation with the Center for Resuscitation Science. The drones are integrated with the emergency dispatcher system and reduce the waiting time for help.