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“The Haiku Project” opens in downtown Little Rock



Little Rock, Arkansas – On Monday, the Downtown Little Rock Partnership and its Public Spaces Committee announced the completion of their latest public art installation: The Haiku Project.

A volunteer committee selected ten “Fall in Little Rock” haiku from more than 70 entries to be displayed temporarily on outdoor signs throughout the downtown and SoMa neighborhoods, according to a press release from the DLRP.

According to the DLRP, these poems will capture the insights of what “Fall in Little Rock” means while creating a community art installation providing vibrant colors and inspiration to those who witness it.

This art installation is an example of community volunteers coming together to make something special in the heart of the city, Gabe Holstrom, executive director of the DLRP said.

“Installing public art — whether it’s a series of 10 poems or a 10-story mural – encourages people to look around and notice all the amazing things that make our downtown unique,” Holmstrom said. “Our public spaces committee came up with this idea and Teresa Carlisle at the New Gallery really brought the Haiku Project into existence.”

Haiku, which is the shortest form of poetry in the world, originated in Japan.

It often focuses on natural images, emphasizing simplicity and capturing complex moments and emotions in three short lines.