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The Milken Educator Award, worth $25,000, goes to Emily Howard of Drew County



Monticello, Arkansas – On Thursday morning, an outstanding Drew County teacher was given the surprise of a lifetime: a $25,000 unrestricted Milken Educator Award.

At Drew Central Elementary, third-grade teacher Emily Howard fosters a lively classroom environment where students may develop their self-confidence and love of learning.

When Emily Howard was unexpectedly presented with a Milken Educator Award in front of dignitaries and the school community she proudly serves on February 23, her career quickly rose to national prominence.

“I cannot believe this… This is wild,” explains Emily Howard.

At a celebration for Howard, who is one of up to 40 recipients of the Milken Award this academic year, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders and department of education representatives took part.

“We have so many little pockets of the state that have amazing teachers and don’t get the recognition that they deserve. I’m so happy today to shine a light on one right here in southeast Arkansas,” said Venus Torrence with the Arkansas Department of Education.

In the 35-year history of the honor, Howard is the only educator from Arkansas to get it this year. He also happens to be the only Drew County resident to do so.

In addition to being honored today, Howard will get lifetime advantages from being a part of the national Milken Educator Network, a powerful association of more than 2,900 exceptional educators and leaders committed to advancing K–12 education.