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The number of violent crime cases in Little Rock is increasing, city leaders concerned



Little Rock, Arkansas – The trend of increasing number of violent crimes is seen in many cities and states across the country and this trend is also present in Arkansas, especially in the Little Rock area in the last couple of years.

While solving this unpopular trend seems to be Little Rock leaders top priority, local residents are concerned over their safety and the safety of their children.

Little Rock Police Department officials are having hard times to combat the number of homicides within the city, but this issue is also top concern for long-time city director Doris Wright who claims that the city missed a lot of opportunities in the past resulting with record number of violent crime cases in Little Rock.

According to the most recent data provided by the Little Rock Police Department, there have been 45 homicides by November 2020, while there are 59 homicides this year until now. The number of cases is evidently rising and Wright believes the number of homicides and other violent crimes should be addressed.

“When I hear from people around the state they feel like Little Rock is a laughing stock,” Wright said. “I mean we’re the capital city and we should be leading with initiatives, programs, and activities and events that help our people.”

Wright is among those who actually tried to address the issue with proposing youth violence prevention project last April, but the project was voted down. She believes that the proposed project and strategies explained in the project would have prevented several homicides that happened since then.

One of the cases she was referring to was the case that took place in March, a month before her project was voted down, when the 10-year-old Ja’aliyah Hughes who was killed at Boyle Park. Since that case, Wright recalled another similar case when a 8-year-old was killed in a domestic violence.

“That child didn’t have to die, but since then I’ve had an eight-year-old killed in a domestic situation, a drive-by shooting at 36th and Barrow,” Wright said.

However, compared to other similar cities Little Rock is not even among the top 20 across the country. According to Professor Edmond Davis with the Derek Olivier Research Institute, violent crimes are down compared to cities like Tulsa, Omaha, and Albuquerque.

“According to, I believe the world homicide report, the 2020 and 2021 report that is about to come out, Little Rock is nowhere near the top 20,” Davis said. “We have other cities that are comparable to the size of Little Rock that have elevated that stature.”

But the fact that Little Rock has lower crime rates compared to other cities doesn’t mean that violent cases are going down, it just proves that the increase of the number of violent cases in those cities is even higher compared to the rising number of cases in Little Rock.

That is also confirmed by the numbers released by the Little Rock Police Department making it clear that the increase in number of homicides is followed by other types of cases. LRPD said robberies are up 8 percent, aggravated assault is up 12 percent, and burglaries are up 22 percent.

Both Davis and Wright both agree that the city is not the worst when it comes to violent crime, but it’s also far from the best. That said, Wright and Davis the rising trend in violent crime cases is something that bothers many people and needs immediate action.

“That may bring some people some comfort but crime is relative. it’s not impactful to you until it happens in your family,” Davis said. “It’s more impactful to the people that it happens to, so whether if we’re in the top 20 or not, one death is still too many.”

LRPD released on Wednesday their latest report on illegal guns. Police seized 17 illegal guns in the past week leading to four separate arrests. This year they have seized 695 illegal guns that have resulted in 464 arrests made.