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The only research of its kind reveals what causes long haul COVID-19, conducted by UAMS researchers in Arkansas



Arkansas – While some patients get rid of the virus easily, the Covid-19 causes long-term consequences in some cases and doctors can’t understand why.

Recent research conducted by Arkansas doctors with the UAMS might finally discovered what’s the reason for those cases and it can surely help those who suffer long-term consequences after being infected with the virus.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences in Little Rock think they may have isolated the cause of the symptoms that last long past the infection of the virus.

The study is the only one of its kind and it was recently published by the researchers who believe this might help the patients a lot.

“Not only is the disease real but this long haul COVID syndrome is real too,” said Dr. John Arthur professor and chief of the division of Nephrology at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences.

The Covid-19 is a new virus and researchers are working hard to determine how the virus affects us and what damage it may do long term.

“Understanding what causes it is only the first step to being able to take the next step which is how do we make it get better,” he explained.

Dr. Arthur has teamed up with the nation’s leading researchers and produced a study he believes may solve part of the mystery.

“In this case the body is overreacting and actually making antibodies that end up attacking your own proteins that are on your own cells and that we think leads to the symptoms of long haul COVID,” he said.

According to him, reaching this point with the research can finally help out a cure to be developed.

“All of us scientists have lots of ideas. Ninety percent of them turnout to be wrong. So it’s really rewarding when you have one and it actually turns out to be right. There are actually drugs on the market that are currently used for other things that can potentially used to treat it,” he said.

He says for those suffering from the drawn out effects of the virus help may be on the way soon.

“People that are struggling with long haul COVID it’s going to get better. Keep plugging along,” he said.