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The return of officer Tyler Franks, community happy to see him back



Praire Grove, Arkansas – Local residents were cheering the return of officer Tyler Franks on Wednesday to Prairie Grove.

Franks is thankful for the welcome and the support of the community during the recovery time.

“The support really helped me want to push forward and heal and do my best to get back home,” he said.

After almost a month, Franks saw his family for first time in person.

“I’ve FaceTimed them, but I haven’t seen them in almost a month, so I’m ready to see my kids,” he said.

The recovery is not over yet as officer Franks will have to continue his rehab home. But he sent a special message to the local community, his neighbors and friends:

“Thank you. It’s meant a lot. It’s been amazing. Thank you to everybody. Thank you for taking care of my family when I was down. Just thank you,” he said.