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The school’s intention of clearing out the walkways causes controversy



Heber Springs, Arkansas – Heber Springs residents are incensed about a historical sidewalk that bears the names of graduates over several generations, as the school board planned to remove the sidewalks.

The board stated in a news release that the choice was taken with student safety in mind.

“Right now the way it is, they just walk into the door and are pretty much in high school,” said Superintendent Scott Jennings.
“There is nothing to keep someone from just walking in and they are in the school. What the new plan would do is reroute visitors through the office.”

“I think we are destroying history and I think what we need to do is try to preserve that,” said Heber Springs Alumnus Matt Wise.

“I think we should look at other places to put it. There is plenty of room here so let’s figure something out.”


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