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The Science of Light Exercise



A healthy body is a mix of a healthy diet and exercise. Exercise can come in many forms but the most important thing is to move your body. Always speak with your physician before starting an exercise program.

Why is exercising so important?

 Exercising is the BEST way to increase nitric oxide inside our bodies. Nitric oxide prompts our body to make its own medicine, dilate arteries, deliver more blood flow and nutrients to your organs and optimize blood pressure. Even very light exercise helps increase nitric oxide.

Exercising does not need to take a long time to perform. Set aside 20 minutes a day, five days a week.

If moving your body is too painful, then start small. Start with isometrics, contractions of a muscle without a lot of movement.

1. Resistance Band exercises.

· Use a Resistance Band while sitting down. Hold the band with both hands and pull apart until both arms are straight out.

· Place center of Resistance Band under your foot while sitting down. Hold ends of band and do bicep curls.

2. Squeeze-ball Finger Flex

· Hold rubber ball and squeeze it with both hands until tired, rest briefly, then repeat.

· Alternatively, squeeze ball with one hand, then the other hand.

If isometrics is too easy for you then try using an exercise step, smaller weights, or an exercise ball. As each exercise becomes easier for you to do, increase the amounts and size of the weights.

Work your way up to going out for a walk. Eventually you will get there. It takes time and patience but the end result will be worth it.