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The state department of environmental quality has confirmed the presence of Agal Bloom algae in south Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas – In an attempt to investigate a potentially dangerous algae bloom in Bois D’arc Lake in Hempstead County, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality are in South Arkansas tonight.

Arkansas Game and Fish reports that last week’s detection of the dangerous algal bloom was verified by the ADEQ. We’re still awaiting test findings to declare the water contaminated formally.

Agal Bloom is defined as an excess of algae that grows quickly in fresh water and produces toxins.

“It really looks like a bluish green color or a deep green kind of film. Foamy scum on the surface of the water is what I’ve seen in the past,” says District Fisheries Supervisor of Arkansas Game and Fish Commision Dylan Hann.

When humans or animals come into contact with a harmful algal bloom, they run the risk of experiencing adverse consequences such as skin rashes, stomach problems, throat irritation, trouble breathing, and more.

“I’d keep your young kids at home for now but if you want to come out and enjoy fishing there’s great crappy and bass out here. Just make sure you wash them. You’re cooking them well once you get home. And don’t touch your hands to your eyes or your face if you’re getting in contact with the water,” said Hann.

Even though Bois D’Arc Lake doesn’t typically have algal bloom outbreaks, one was observed on the lake’s southern end this year like the previous year, when it was discovered on both the north and south side.

“It really depends on the conditions. Sunlight, availability of nutrients, wind. There’s kind of a lot of unknowns in how it operates and how it moves but with these recent rains I really do believe that it’ll probably be dispersed and probably test negative within a few weeks, fingers crossed.”

In the interim, notices alerting people to exercise caution have been put up.
According to Game & Fish, until the threat is removed, the ADEQ will keep testing the water every few weeks.



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