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The tornado claimed four lives and injured numerous more, the town is attempting to repair the devastation



Wynne, Arkansas – Community members are banding together to pick up the pieces and recuperate after a horrific storm on Friday night that claimed at least four lives and injured numerous others.

Between 25–30 persons, according to Wynne Mayor Jennifer Hobbs, were treated at the county hospital for storm-related injuries. On the storm’s deceased victims, no information has been made public.

The community of Wynne, according to troopers with the Arkansas State Police, was one of the most hit.

The Arkansas National Guard has been called into action by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders to support ASP and local law police all around the state, including in Wynne.

The high school, local businesses, and homes were some of the town’s most severely impacted regions. Michael Harris reported significant damage to the house where he grew up and where his mother currently resides.

“All the memories that we have in the house of growing up are kind of gone,” Harris said.

According to Ellis, a sizable portion of the roof of the house was torn off, and many of the windows and other elements of the house were damaged.

Prior to the tornado, he claimed to have been in Little Rock but had driven to Wynne when he observed a tornado approaching the region. When he arrived at his mother’s house, he pulled her into a closet and took cover in the hallway with his son.

“We began to hear things hit the doors, hit the walls, then glass shatters, ears start to pop, and then you hear wood cracking and major slams and crashes and just total chaos,” Ellis said.

A mattress was covering Ellis and his son when the terrible occurred.

“The mattress began to lift up and pick up.” Ellis goes on to say, “I began to go with it and I honestly thought at that moment I was about to be sucked out of the house. I thought that was it.”

He continues by saying that he was relieved to have fallen back to the ground and that, despite a piece of glass getting stuck in his arm, no one else in his family had been wounded.

“God took care of us and watched over us,” Ellis said.

Michelle McGill claimed that although her house wasn’t severely damaged, almost everything they owned nearby was destroyed.

“We had a boat on the other side of the house, a swimming pool, a hot tub and a huge deck back there and at least a 100-year-old tree (was ripped from the ground),” McGill said.

Although they acknowledge that healing will take time, McGill and Ellis both expressed gratitude for the support they have received from the local community.

After the tornado, Ellis said he wants to let people know what he thinks is most crucial.

“Just take every moment that you have with the ones you love the most and make every moment count,” Ellis stated.