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This is how the local organizations are helping Hurricane Ida evacuees in Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas – A decent number of people, Hurricane Ida evacuees came to Arkansas to safety in the last couple of days.

Numerous local organizations and people make efforts to help them in every possible way during their stay in Arkansas.

Most of them left their homes without enough clothes, food and money while majority of them lost their belongings in Louisiana.

Joe Copeland with the Arkansas Foodbank says while it’s important to help Hurricane Ida victims out of state, they wanted to provide relief to those who are already here.

According to him, in an effort to help them the organization sent 75 pallets of food on Friday for the evacuees in Little Rock.

“We’re basically making them to order, so they’ll tell us what they need, we assemble that from the food we have and send it,” Copeland said.

The organization meanwhile also sent several trucks of necessary items to Louisiana and Mississippi looking forward to help those who decided not to leave their homes.

However, another Arkansas organization is also doing whatever they can to help the evacuees. Ferncliff Camp members say their organization has disaster center.

Rebecca Roetzel says they partner with World Service, which is a global relief agency. They have hygiene, school, and clean-up buckets. They ship clean-up buckets during hurricanes and floods.

“The items in those buckets tend to be things that either get hoarded off the shelves before a storm comes in, or it’s something when the supply chain lines get messed up they’re hard to get restocked,” Roetzel said.

Both of the agencies are working around the clock to provide as many necessary items as possible for the people who really suffer in these difficult times. Both of the organizations added they have additional boxes of food and items ready to be shipped and they can organize everything in a matter of hours if they are requested to.