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Trump’s company accused of fraud – Ivanka Trump and her brother refused to testify



Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, the children of the former US president, have refused to testify in an investigation into alleged fraud in connection with their father’s company business.

The New York State Attorney’s Office, Letty James, issued invitations on December 1 to the 44-year-old Donald Jr. and the 40-year-old Ivanka, at the invitation of the Republican president himself.

James opened an investigation in 2019 alleging that Trump, before becoming president, falsified the value of his property when seeking loans.

Trump retaliated with a lawsuit against Democrat James to block her investigation, accusing her of “political persecution” and “witch-hunting.”

Trump’s lawyers are trying to prevent her from questioning his children with this “unconstitutional unprecedented request”, according the BBC.

Attorney General James’s office questioned Trump’s son, Eric, in October 2020, according to the New York Times.