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Two large dogs attacked a woman and two dogs on the Van Winkle Trail



Little Rock, Arkansas – While out on a walk, a dog attacked a woman and her two pets.

On Thursday, December 29, Jennifer Courser reported that her mother was walking two of her three dogs on the Hobbs State Park’s Van Winkle Trail.

Then, under Highway 12, two bigger dogs attacked Courser’s mother and two pets.

“One of the larger pit bulls knocked my mom to the ground and she was on the ground trying to pull the dogs out of the pit bull’s mouth,” Courser said.

The owner of the two larger canines promised to go obtain assistance but never did.

“My mom had not seen them coming so it was kind of a shock,” Courser said. “It was very abrupt.”

After the incident, Courser’s dog “Tino” was not in good shape.

“When my mom found him he was lying and whimpering and he was able to kind of drag himself with three legs,” Courser said. “He was fractured in multiple places.”

Following the event, a police report was sent to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.