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Tyson Foods temporarily cutting prices on beef products amid spike in grocery prices



Tyson Foods, one of the largest meat-processing companies in the world, announced this week that the company will be cutting prices on select beef products amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Their announcement comes as grocery prices across the United States continue to soar, increasing by 2.6 percent from March to April.

Tyson Foods said the discounts are designed to help “keep beef on family tables” as the company recovers from the temporary closures of several of its facilities due to coronavirus outbreaks or staffing shortages caused by the pandemic. To that end, the company will be cutting prices on chuck and round roasts, ground beef products, and meat trays, some of which will be discounted by up to 20 or 30 percent.

The discounts will be in effect “for the remainder of the week,” Tyson Foods confirmed.

“The ongoing pandemic has disrupted the food system. It’s created challenges for our operations, many of our customers, and consumers,” reads a statement shared by Tyson Foods. “These are unprecedented times, and although they have been difficult, Tyson believes that the future is bright.”

In Tyson’s statement, the company claimed this decision would benefit not only the consumer, but those working in the supply chain and cattle industry, both of which faced hurdles in recent months.