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UAMS offers advice on diet for long-term health in the next year



Little Rock, Arkansas – Many Arkansans are hoping to lead healthier lifestyles in 2023 as we begin the new year. You can use nutrition to help you keep your resolutions, according to UAMS.

Dr. Dinesh Edem, an endocrinologist and the director of the UAMS Weight Loss Clinic, believes that in order to make putting one’s health first something that can be sustained over the long term, each person should find diet programs that include foods that are tailored to their preferences. Goal-setting that is doable is also advised.

“First of all, you should understand why you’re doing it like… What is the motivator behind losing weight? Because obviously number one should be their health then should be cosmetic issues. The other is improved mobility functionality,” Edem said.

According to Edem, a healthy weight reduction rate without medication is between 1/2 and 1 pound per week or 2-4 pounds per month.

The ideal eating strategy is to eat when you’re hungry and quit when you’re full, but Edem claimed that stressful situations and life might tempt us to overindulge in comfort food, which can impede our progress.

“There are two concepts that you need to understand. One is the hunger of the stomach. And then the other is the hunger of the brain, which is called cravings. Cravings mean wanting something so people crave food, right? People crave foods because your tongue likes sugar, spice, and salt and you have previous experiences with foods that make you happy.”

When it comes to losing weight, eating in a calorie deficit – burning more calories each day than you take in—is crucial. It is advised to proceed with caution and consume items that will help you stay on track.

Arkansas was the 9th most obese state in the nation, according to a 2021 Trust for America’s Health report. Edem suggested these actions to start your lifestyle shift.

“I always tell my patients it’s mostly behavior and mindset. Next is a good nutrition plan which is low-calorie. Next is activity, not just exercise but just walking around doing chores and taking the stairs. Next comes medications. You know there are really good medications out there for weight loss,” Edem said.

Finding a method that meets your demands is crucial because experts advise that veering off course won’t hinder your success if you start it up again soon.

UAMS does advise speaking with your doctor to determine the best course of action for your body and way of life.

If you stay away from diet fads and fast fixes, many regimens can be long-lastingly effective, but if your body mass index is still higher than 40 after making these changes, you might be a good candidate for weight-loss surgery.