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Vaccination rate continues with high pace in Arkansas, but another winter Covid-19 wave is likely scenario after the holidays



Arkansas – The vaccination rates across the country have improved lately and the same applies for Arkansas where the vaccination process is keeping its pace in the last couple of weeks. However, with the Omicron variant in place and the holidays ahead of us, it’s very likely that Arkansas is going to face yet another Covid-19 winter wave.

Recently, the high-spreading Omicron variant was officially confirmed in Arkansas, but health experts believe that the variant is circulating across the state way easier than we think.

“I think that we’re on the beginning of a surge of the Omicron variant, and I expect the cases to keep going up,” CMO Dr. Jennifer Dillaha said.

Just like many other health experts across the country, Dillaha believes that the only way to slow down the spread of the newly discovered variant is to get vaccinated. She says that those unvaccinated should get the vaccine as soon as possible, while those fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to get the booster shot in an effort to build additional immunity to fight the Omicron variant.

Sunday, ADH reported nearly 5,000 shots were administered in 24 hours. On Saturday, it was more than 12,000 vaccines.

“There is a substantial increase in protection against the Omicron variant compared to people who only got the first two doses in the primary series of those vaccines,” she said.

Earlier this week, Moderna announced that their booster dose works great against the Omicron variant. Dillaha added that people should avoid Johnson and Johnson vaccine, if possible, because of its decreased effectiveness.

“I follow the recommendations of the CDC, and I do recommend that people get Pfizer or Moderna vaccine when at all possible,” she said.

Numerous studies have confirmed that Omicron patients have mild symptoms, but Dillaha says that everyone should take the most recent Covid-19 very seriously. Omicron studies are still in early stages and so far, only one Omicron case was confirmed in Arkansas.