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Veteran teachers in Fort Smith Public Schools will receive a one-time bonus payment just before Christmas



Fort Smith, Arkansas – As rising prices have been causing headaches to people in the country for a long period now and will likely continue through the holidays, a one-time bonus check in the amount of $1,500 will be given to teachers working in the Fort Smith School District in the state of Arkansas shortly before Christmas.

The incentives are intended to give some relief to the majority of teachers employed by the Fort Smith School District, who have been working through the coronavirus pandemic and have been forced to adjust to remote learning during that period.

Only some “veteran” teachers within the school system, such as those working in adult education, classroom teaching, instructional support, intervention, and special education coordination, will get the one-time incentives. However, administrators at the district level are not eligible to receive the bonus payment. This includes both principals and assistant principals.

The Fort Smith School Board approved the bonuses in the amount of $1,500 at a meeting that took place in May and are scheduled to be distributed by December 15.