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Villas on Sixty Fifth Apartments in Little Rock in terrible shape



Little Rock, Arkansas – Apartment complex residents in Little Rock claim that despite repeated complaints to management about the appalling conditions and urgent repairs, no action has been taken.

There are many problems with The Villas on Sixty Fifth Apartments, formerly known as Spanish Jon’s Apartments.

Some flats are vacant, with their doors broken or hanging off their hinges, packed with trash, and insect and rat infestations.

According to the tenants, squatters utilize the vacant rooms, some of which have mold from floor to ceiling.

“Empty apartments and everything and stuff, and it’s nothing but trash. Vagrants coming, living in and out of them–it’s just terrible…it’s a terrible way to live. We shouldn’t have to live like this,” said Reginald Wayne White, a disabled veteran who showed us several abandoned rooms.

Tenants who are waiting for repairs, like Searcy Galloway, whose windows are entirely shattered, cover broken windows carelessly. Her sink’s pipes are also faulty, so she makes up for it by placing a bucket there into which water drops.

The door of Galloway’s flat was forced off its hinges during the break-in. She claimed that as a replacement, the managers of the apartment complex installed an identical lock on the door. She claims that whoever got into her apartment removed one of her keys, which matched the new door lock, which is why she is especially worried.

Galloway and others claim that because their flats lack heat, they have to use stoves to remain warm.

Many are reluctant to speak up for fear of management reprisals.

Tenants, according to White, are threatened with eviction for raising issues.

“I want to stand up, I’m tired of it, really,” White said. “I’m tired of the rats. I’m tired of the smell. And I’m tired of being bullied. Something’s got to–I’m tired of being bullied. Somebody’s got to say something. Somebody’s got to do something.”

“…got trash here, maggots, and roaches and rats coming out of them. This is what we have to live in. Can’t say nothing about it or they’ll be repercussions from the management,” he said.