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Voters in Little Rock have differing opinions following the 2024 presidential debate



Little Rock, Arkansas – The first presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden took center stage on Thursday night.

After the heated battle of words, several Arkansans say they’re not sure whether there was a clear winner.

Many people in Little Rock, Arkansas, expressed their dissatisfaction with the debate performance after it was concluded.

“I woke up this morning wondering if there are any other options,” Stan Jackson said.
“I didn’t feel confident in either one of them,” according to Rhonda Pearson.

“It was like a twilight zone,” Pearson said.

Even though Pearson found the debate uncomfortable, she declared she would still support Biden.

“One of the candidates was trying to be presidential and explain what he had done, and doing for the country while the other candidate was trying to debunk all the things he had done,” Pearson said.

David Magee, who thought Trump had won the debate, declared that he would vote for him.

“I know he didn’t answer a couple of questions correctly, he would go back and talk about what Joe finished talking about. I figured out what he was doing and I did like what he was doing,” Magee said.

Jackson claimed he found it difficult to watch the candidates stray from the subject.

“Just not being on track, not staying in their lane, it was a little weird,” Jackson said.

A few people expressed that they are still unclear about what to do when it comes time for voting.


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