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Walmart gifts Bryant teacher $750 for school supplies



Bryant, Arkansas – In the spirit of back-to-school season, a teacher from Arkansas received a gift from Walmart wanting to pay it forward.

During back-to-school season for their hard work, several Walmart stores across the nation are surprising teachers.

In Bryant, Heather Gammill who is a teacher for Bethel Middle School is going into her 24th year of teaching was shocked when she got a check for $750 dollars after another teacher recommended her positive influence on students and her peers.

Bryant Walmart Manager, Chris Sutterfield presented the check to Gammill and said, “we hear on average teachers spend $750 a year so Walmart wanted to pay it forward and give you this check.”

“It’s very overwhelming, I’m thankful.” After years of spending her own money on school supplies Gammill goes on to say for a regular school year she would spend, “close to $500, maybe $700, maybe even more.”

According to Sutterfield, he was honored to give Gammill the check because he never knew the amount of money they spent out of their own pocket for supplies. “To actually pay that out of their pocket is just crazy to even think about,” said Sutterfield.

Gammill now gets to splurging to further help the ones she holds dear to her heart. “I want my students to have what they need and some of them don’t get that choice, so I want it to be there if they need it,” said Gammill.

Gammill is confident this gift of money will last her and help her students throughout the entire year.