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Wedding photo was recovered from Little Rock tornado debris and given to the widow



Little Rock, Arkansas – One widow is at a loss for words after receiving the recovery of a wedding photograph that was lost in a tornado.

“A very different life now, you know this was almost 30 years ago,” Susej Thompson said.

A photograph of a certain point in time. Susej Thompson lost her spouse ten years ago, so seeing their union brought up many conflicting feelings.

“You know I have had some other pictures resurface, but this was not the one that I expected,” and “this is a hard picture because it has someone who is not with us anymore,” Thompson said.

When their home was destroyed by the March storm, the picture was blown away.

“I’m just going to receive this as a sign of how loved I am and to be reminded of a time of such beauty and such faith in life,” Thompson said.

Thompson recalled the first time she was able to hold the image once more.

“This was painful at first to look at it and the joy on her face, and I got the best parts of his life, I got this beautiful family, and we are so loved,” Thompson said.

According to Thompson, every time a photo is returned, a new memory is unlocked alongside the old.

“Every picture returned to us is an opportunity to preserve some of the history for my kids, especially of their dad so that’s been really beautiful,” Thompson said.

When she considered all of the scattered items, she remarked that she would still be able to clutch one more photo.

“I know there is going to be a lot more letting go to do,” Thompson stated.