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Why so many states are seeing record number of new Covid-19 cases amid decent vaccination rate against the virus?



In the first place, the new more infectious strain Omicron. People are more likely to get infected, although they generally do not develop a severe condition of the infection. A new wave of infections is happening all over the world because many people were traveling for the holidays.

“People may mistakenly think that vaccines against Covid-19 will completely prevent infection, but vaccines are mainly designed to prevent serious illness,” said Lewis Mansky, a virus researcher at the University of Minnesota.

Vaccines also do not completely protect against infection, but they do prevent the development of more serious illness.

In this regard, booster vaccines have proven to be particularly effective.

Two doses of Pfizer or Moderna, as well as one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, provide some degree of protection against more severe omicron disease, but do not provide adequate protection against infection. The third dose, in turn, increases the level of antibodies and strengthens the protection against infection, says AP.

The data so far show that the omicron spreads much faster than the previous variants. If infected people carry more of the virus, they are more likely to pass it on to anyone – especially those who have not been vaccinated.

Vaccinated people who become infected get mild or no symptoms, while unvaccinated people can get sicker and develop serious condition from omicron.

Doctors continue to advise everyone to wear masks indoors and to avoid mass gatherings, as well as to be vaccinated and to take a booster dose.

Although vaccines do not protect against 100% infection, they are more likely to protect against hospitalization and death.