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Will Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson run for president?



Little Rock, Arkansas – Now that the midterm elections are over, GOP supporters expect former President Donald Trump to officially announce that he will run for president. Despite losing the presidential election in 2020, Donald Trump has remained very popular among Republican supporters, and he has hinted at running for president on multiple occasions since then.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ growing popularity in recent years naturally puts him next to Trump when it comes to the presidential election. DeSantis is increasingly popular among Republican supporters, and for now, he seems to be the only serious potential presidential candidate that can genuinely challenge Trump. But Trump and DeSantis are not the only potential Republican presidential candidates.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has hinted several times in recent years that he might run for president in 2024. Now that he is leaving the Arkansas governor’s office, he has signaled again that he is considering a presidential run, believing that his previous political and work experience make him a great choice.

Arkansas’ legal limit for governors is two terms. Hutchinson has served as governor of Arkansas since 2015—two terms—and only the state’s legal limit prevented him from running for the governor’s office once again. Hutchinson will leave the governor’s office in January, 2023, and he is being replaced by former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But what after that?

In a recent interview, Hutchinson said that he will take some time off of other activities and focus on his wife and family. Speaking to 40/29’s Yuna Lee for the 40/29 On The Record program, Hutchinson added that “this is a very important time for our country” and he considers running for president. Earlier this year, Hutchinson confirmed that Trump’s potential candidacy wouldn’t affect his decision to run for president.

Hutchinson is one of the most popular politicians in Arkansas. He believes that his work as an Arkansas governor and previous D.C. experience would help him a lot in properly running the country, especially when it comes to handling the border and national security issues. Before he was named Arkansas governor, Hutchinson had served as head of the Drug Enforcement Administration and as Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Border and Transportation Security.

“We need a voice of common-sense conservativism and where you can bring people together and have candidates that can win in Nov. and not just the primary,” he said. “And I think I offer that, so we have a big decision to make.”