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Witness for Malinowski will appear before the US House Judiciary Committee on the tragic gunshot



Little Rock, Arkansas – At nine this morning, US House Judiciary Committee member Bud Cummins, the lawyer for the family of former Clinton National Airport Executive Bryan Malinowski, is scheduled to speak.

Using the player below, you can watch Cummins’ live testimony before the House Subcommittee by tuning in to this homepage.

The ATF is under the jurisdiction of the US House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. On April 22, Jim Jordan, the chairman of the committee, addressed a letter requesting details on the organization and conduct of their lethal raid.

In that letter, Jordan stated that the “circumstances surrounding the raid, the subsequent death of Mr. Malinowski, and recent related rulemaking by the ATF raises serious questions about the weaponization of the agency against Americans.”

Bud Cummins, the family lawyer representing Malinowski, will speak before the Subcommittee at nine in the morning.

The next day, May 23, ATF Director Steven Dettelbach is scheduled to speak before the Subcommittee.
Early on March 19, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) shot and killed Malinowski at his Chenal Valley home.

Malinowski’s door was broken down by federal officials attempting to execute a search warrant. Malinowski was shot in the head during a shootout with agents. Two days later, he passed away.

Later, Cummins used footage from the house’s door camera to broadcast videos of the ATF raid.

According to an unsealed affidavit, Malinowski was suspected of selling firearms without a license, in violation of federal firearm statutes.

Malinowski allegedly sold 150 firearms between May 2021 and February 2024. Later, six of those weapons would be utilized in criminal activity. At a gun exhibition, Malinowski was operating as an unregistered vendor, and undercover officers also purchased firearms from him.

The ATF has been under heavy fire following the raid, with many questioning whether or not they needed to use lethal force.

On April 18, legislators from Arkansas convened at the state capitol to demand the release of body cam footage.

“We want the truth,” said Representative Matt Duffield, who represents the 53rd District. “We want the body cam footage. His family deserves to see it. The people of Arkansas deserve to see it. We must learn what happened.”

Later, US Senator Tom Cotton asserted that during the ATF officers’ raid on Malinowski’s home, they lacked body cameras.

At the ATF’s request, the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division is also looking into the event.

The prosecuting attorney will review the file when ASP completes its investigation and decide whether or not the use of deadly force was permitted by Arkansas state law.




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