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Young man beats teenager to death inside popular major restaurant chain over a social media dispute



What happens on the social media, usually stays on the social media no matter if you argue or insult someone, but sometimes an online dispute might become a real nightmare for those involved.

That actually happened to this teenager who was beaten by two other young men in a popular major restaurant chain that resulted in a death.

According to police reports, the 19-year-old K. Duckworth suffered heavy injuries after he was beaten in an Applebee’s restaurant fistfight on Sunday. The victim was in critical condition and was transferred to hospital for treatment where he died two days after the incident.

Ohio police said two other men were involved in the beating. Authorities added that the fight in the restaurant was the result of a social media dispute one of the suspects had with the victim. It still remains unclear what that online dispute was about that resulted with fatal consequences.

Duckworth’s father confirmed the incident and the cause saying his son was already in the restaurant when the attackers arrived there. He added that the suspects confronted his son as soon as they got into inside and they are to blame for the whole incident.

His parents will remember Duckworth as a great kid who enjoyed spending time in his truck, outdoors and fishing. He turned 19 on Saturday, just a day prior to the incident. His parents were so happy he decided to celebrate his birthday with them with a river float day.

“He could have spent it with his friends but he came to us and asked us to go with him,” his mom told the station who initially reported the incident.

The suspect believed to be responsible for Duckworth’s dead was immediately arrested and initially charged with multiple charges including aggravated assault and battery. However, since Duckworth passed away, these charges will be upgraded. The suspect has been jailed on $60,000 bond.

According to court reports, the 20-year-old Daniel R. punched the victim and knocked him down. As a result of the fall, the victim injured his head and suffered multiple bone fractures.

The fall left him hospitalized in the intensive care unit with severe brain trauma, according to a crowdfunding account set up for the family by his mother’s coworkers. Police confirmed he also suffered a severe cut to his face and broken bones.

Duckworth was an organ donor and his organs were donated.

On Thursday, hospital workers gave his remains an honor walk before going into surgery that could potentially save up to five lives.