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Opening Day triumph: Rangers secure impressive win against world series runners-up



As the sun sets on another Opening Day, the baseball season is once again in full swing. The Rangers have returned to the diamond, and what a day it was for them. Not only did they emerge victorious, but they also did so against the formidable World Series runners-up.

Despite the fanfare surrounding the introduction of their new ace Jacob deGrom, the seasoned pitcher stumbled out of the gates and gave up five runs in less than four innings. However, seasoned fans know that a slow start doesn’t always spell disaster, and there is still plenty of time for deGrom to find his footing.

The Rangers’ middle-of-the-road lineup from last year stepped up to the plate and delivered an impressive performance, scoring 11 runs against Philadelphia, including a remarkable nine-run fourth inning. The excitement in the ballpark was palpable as fans cheered their team on, and it was a clear sign of progress for the team.

If you caught Jamey Newberg’s piece yesterday, you know that the theme for this season is progress. And if the Rangers’ opening game is any indication, they’re on the right track.

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