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In Arkansas, a proposed law would make the minimum age to use social media 18 years old



Little Rock, Arkansas – You could have to say goodbye to your preferred social media sites if you’re under 18 in Arkansas.

The Social Media Safety Act, which would compel major social media platforms to confirm users are over 18 years old, was introduced by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Thursday.

If they aren’t of age, their parents must provide their consent.

“While social media can be a great tool and a good recourse for a number of things, many kids are simply not prepared for the negative aspects of it, ” Sanders said.

Dr. Howard Turney, a family therapist in Little Rock, stated that while the internet undoubtedly has many drawbacks and risks, when used responsibly, it may also be beneficial for children and young people.

He claimed that due to social media, he has witnessed numerous children experience bullying, anxiety, sadness, and other problems.

“Parents need to think long and hard before providing their child with a phone with no restrictions,” Turney said.

According to Sanders, there is a close correlation between the growth of social media and an increase in self-harm and suicide.

“Study after study has shown that the more a child uses these platforms, the more their mental health suffers,” Sanders said.

Although he agreed, Turney did not claim that social media is only bad. He said that it is advantageous for kids to be able to interact with their classmates through social media.

“It’s safe when used appropriately,” Turney said. “It’s the parent’s responsibility to monitor children.”

The governor of Arkansas, which would be the first state to enact this law, promised that businesses that disobey the rule would face legal action in both civil and criminal courts.

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