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Jeepin’ for a Cure, breast cancer car show



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Jeepin’ for a Cure Car Show, hosted by a number of Jeep organizations throughout the state, marked the beginning of October, which is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What was once intended to be a one-time fundraising event has grown into an annual occasion that unites communities and raises awareness.

“Cancer in general is terrible. It’s a terrible disease… It…It destroys families. Breast cancer is one of the top cancers out there and it affects so many people from all ages,” Director/Founder, Edmond McClure, said.

In Missouri, Jeepin’ for a Cure first began five years ago. In order to be ready for the yearly Springfield car show in mid-October, Arkansas now hosts its own event. The goal of them all was to cure breast cancer.

“My favorite part of the event is when… Having everyone come together and actually seeing the people who, ya know… Step up and put in all of the work to make sure that this foundation is successful,” 501 Jeep Club President, Tabatha Nix, said.

In order to participate in the exhibition, participants must customize their cars and pay an admission fee. Participants also engage in vendors, auctions, and kid-friendly activities.

Nita Efird, one of the organizers, mentioned how her sister-in-law inspired her to get involved. a twice-beaten breast cancer patient.

The Missouri-based Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks receives the entirety of the funds raised by this event. The company also provides services to neighboring states like Arkansas.

Jeepin’ for a Cure has so far raised about $250,000 and is projected to raise another $100,000 by the end of this month.

“Breast cancer… Everybody’s touched by breast cancer. I mean everybody knows someone who has or has had breast cancer. We just make it our goal to make as much money as we can,” Efird said.

The event’s director, Edmond McClure, says he wants to make it the biggest Jeep fundraising activity in the country.”A hundred percent of what we do is to help other people so… Come out. Show off your jeeps, have fun. We love displaying our jeeps, so we get to have fun and in turn, we get to also help people that are suffering and going through breast cancer so come out,” McClure said.

Over 70 distinctive jeeps were on display at Arkansas’ single automobile exhibition, which raised about $10,000. Later this month, some of those same Jeeps will participate in the Springfield Jeepin’ for a Cure, which is anticipated to draw over 400 Jeep entrants.

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