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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Department of Neurology received a significant donation for multiple sclerosis research



Little Rock, Arkansas – The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences received a significant contribution this week from an organization located in Bentonville. The funds were donated by the Rampy MS Research Foundation, whose mission is to increase awareness of multiple sclerosis and finance research into the condition.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Department of Neurology were the recipients of a contribution of fifty thousand dollars for the study of multiple sclerosis, which was carried 208 miles by 21 runners all the way from Northwest Arkansas to Little Rock.

Soon after Jo Rampy received her own diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, founders Jo and Scott Rampy started their mission to raise money for MS research. Now, they are bringing their battle to the streets, one run at a time. Besides organizing cross-state relays, the Rampy MS Foundation also hosts an annual premier triathlon that has so far raised close to $900,000 for the cause.

Dr. Robert Archer, who is the head of the Department of Neurology at UAMS, shared with the founders his appreciation for the exceptional nature of their efforts.

“[UAMS Chancellor] Dr. Patterson mentioned how special it is when somebody has a challenge and they respond to that health challenge by doing something positive about it, and that’s what you guys have done,” said Archer.


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