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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G: Elegance, durability and multitasking



Samsung is seriously biting into the foldable smartphone segment. This year it came on stage with the Galaxy Z series: Flip 3 and Fold 3, putting the Note series on hold for now. On this occasion we will look at the Z Flip 3 5G, which has much better performance compared to its older brothers. The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is much firmer, stable in the hand and has a larger external screen.

Design and mechanism

During the first switching, there is a slight resistance from the switching mechanism to the fact that the device has not been used. It is this small resistance that promises a lot in the strength of a good mechanism, from which much is expected. For its longevity, there are additionally built-in magnets that are placed in the frame of the phone, so it would be best not to hold the phone near the cards, Samsung warmly recommends.

Samsung has made the Z Flip 3 look really sleek and definitely has beautiful colors and looks like it. Folds vertically, has a small screen when you fold it, next to the main cameras. The small Super AMOLED display is 1.9 inches, on which you can see information such as missed calls, received messages, various notifications and the clock, which can also be used as shortcuts to commonly used applications. This way you can select the application you want to run via the external screen.

You can also use a voice recorder, but you should know that in order to use all the tools of the application, you still need to open the phone. Samsung here as an additional feature emphasizes the fact that you can set the background that the user wants. This is a useful option if you want to have the same wallpaper on the small and large screen.


In addition, next to the screen there is a dual main camera that can be quickly activated by double-clicking the power button, ie turning off the device and then select the shooting mode. This can be very handy when you want to take a quick selfie or video without having to open the device itself. The cameras have a resolution of 12MP (wide angle and ultra-wide) and perform their task solidly. The selfie camera is located inside the phone, ie it can be reached when the phone is disassembled. It is a 10MP camera, which works great in dark conditions and in daylight.

What is hidden under the elegant ‘surface’

When you disassemble the Z Flip 3, you discover a 6.7-inch dynamic AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz, which displays the image quite well in sunlight. What we liked the most is the fact that when the phone is disassembled, it functions like a classic smartphone, because the part where it overlaps is not known, ie. is not so obvious. You can surf the internet and watch videos without worries.


Thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G processor, combined with the Adreno 660 graphics chip, all operations will run smoothly, and 8GB of RAM is also flawless. You have 128GB of internal storage for your personal data, which you can not expand, but you always have additional memory available for cloud services. As the name suggests, the Z Flip 3 is ready for 5G technology when it expands infrastructure across the country.


As for the operating system itself, Z Flip 3 comes with Android 11 and Samsung One UI 3.1.1 user interface, which works without any problems. Anyone who has had a Samsung phone in their hands at least once will easily cope with all the options on offer. What should be noted is the possibility related to the fact that it is a folding phone, which is sharing the screen in two parts and using two applications at the same time. For those who love multitasking, this is a great opportunity.


When we mention multitasking, we should also mention the battery life. No matter how hard we try to consume the battery with different options on the phone, the battery lasted all day with the test without any problems. With more classic use, it will last for two whole days. The phone is made to be opened and closed and used, not just to serve as a table decoration. The battery capacity is 3300mAh, it has fast charging with 15W, fast wireless charging of 10W and reversible charging of 4.5W. Definitely worth it.


Our experience is that the Z Flip 3 is definitely for you, it can fit in your pocket and it looks super attractive. It definitely attracts everyone’s attention. Not only is it a beautiful folding smartphone that looks nice, but it also brings us a wonderful mechanism that allows it flexibility.

Samsung has proven that it can make an even better and more sophisticated folding phone, which will last even in a meeting with a small child. It visually impressed us with its capabilities and confirms everything we expected from Samsung. If you want to have an innovative phone that attracts attention and everything that your smartphone has to offer, then this is definitely the case.

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