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Vaccination process in Arkansas is improving, number of new Covid-19 cases and deaths stable, latest daily report



Arkansas – The situation in Arkansas with the pandemic seems to be pretty stable lately and the numbers are confirming just that.

According to the latest Covid-19 report issued on Saturday by the Arkansas Department of Health, the state added a total of 590 new Covid-19 cases in the overall statistics.

According to the same report, additional 2 Covid-19 related deaths were reported.

Since the start of the pandemic, the total number of cases now reached 519,453 while the total number of deaths is 8,562.

Currently, there are a total of 5,126 active cases which is 244 more compared to the previous day.

What comes as a positive news is the fact that a total of 14,725 doses of the vaccines were administrated across the state. The number is above the average number of doses the state sees in the last couple of months.

There are five hospitalizations less compared to the previous report and that number is now 292.

The number of people on ventilators is also decreasing. There are total of 54 people on ventilators currently, which is two less compared to the previous day.

This is what Gov. Asa Hutchinson said on Twitter with the report:

Giving out nearly 15,000 doses of the vaccine is very good news. Many of these doses are booster doses, and we need to continue to increase first doses for all eligible Arkansans. Let’s keep working as we work to manage this virus.

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