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Justice Murphy, an Arkansas singer, will compete on American Idol



Arkansas – An Arkansas singer will be performing songs from “The Color Purple” and Aretha Franklin on American Idol this Sunday.

When Justice Murphy from Forrest City performed the song “Summertime” at her audition, judges were taken aback. Fantasia, the 2004 idol winner, had also performed the same song.
Below is a clip of Murphy’s audition.

Murphy attends Alabama State University and is 22 years old.

She says she was up singing in churches and has received an enormous amount of support from her hometown of Forrest City since the launch of her audition last month.

“Everybody has been trying to like contact me to just tell how proud they are and they have baby pictures of me and they’ve just been posting them,” Murphy said. “Like omg, we remember when she was so young and she would just dance like outside or in the living room and now she’s dancing on like a real stage.”


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